By Tim Lambert

Marie Alexandrine Becker was a Belgian poisoner. She was born in 1877. She married a man named Charles Becker in 1906. In 1932 Marie Becker met a man named Lambert Bayer and she began an affair with him. Marie Becker then decided to poison her husband. She killed him with digitalis. Becker used his life insurance money to open a dress shop. However she grew bored with Bayer and decided to kill him with the same poison. Bayer died in November 1934.

In July 1935 an old woman named Marie Castadot fell ill and Marie Becker offered to nurse her. The old lady promptly died. Becker then poisoned several elderly customers. However when a friend complained about her husband and said she wished he would die. Marie Becker told her friend that if she really meant that she could supply a powder that would leave no trace. Fortunately in October 1936 the friend contacted the police. They arrested Becker and they found a bottle of digitalis in her purse. The bodies of her victims were exhumed and found to contain the same drug. Marie Becker was convicted of murder but since there was no death sentence in Belgium at that time she was sentenced to life imprisonment. Marie Alexandrine Becker died in jail some time during the Second World War but the exact date is not known as the records were destroyed.

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