By Tim Lambert

Judias Buenoano was a callous poisoner. She even murdered her own son, Michael. Judy Buenoano was born Judias Welty on 4 April 1943. Buenoano had a son outside marriage in 1961. Then on 21 January 1962 she married James Goodyear. Judy murdered the unfortunate man and he died on 5 September 1971. In 1972 Buenoano moved in with a man named Bobby Joe Morris. He fell ill and died in 1978. Judy then changed her name to Buenoano, Spanish for Goodyear.

The next victim was her own son Michael Buenoano. Judy Buenoano took out life insurance policies on him. Subsequently Michael fell ill (as a result of arsenic poisoning) and he was forced to wear heavy metal leg braces. On 13 May 1980 Judy Buenoano took Michael canoeing. Unfortunately the canoe overturned. Michael was unable to swim and he drowned.

Next Judy Buenoano met a man named John Gentry. She attempted to murder him on 25 May 1983. This time she changed her murder weapon from poison to a bomb. When John Gentry started his car a bomb exploded. Fortunately he survived. The police found that Judy Buenoano would profit from his death making her an obvious suspect. They also found out that Buenoano had persuaded John to take 'vitamin pills' which made him feel ill. The police recovered some pills and found they were arsenic. The bodies of James Goodyear, Bobby Joe Morris and Michael Buenoano were exhumed and all were found to contain arsenic.

Judy Buenoano was tried separately for each murder. In 1984 she was found guilty of the murder of her son Michael Buenoano and she was sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1985 she was found guilty of the murder of Her first husband, James Goodyear. This time she was sentenced to death. (The authorities did not proceed with the charge of murder of Bobby Joe Morris as she was already under sentence of death). Judy Buenoano spent the next 13 years on death row. Finally Judias Buenoano was executed in the electric chair in Florida State Prison on 30 March 1998.

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