By Tim Lambert

The Early Life of Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer of the late 20th century. Dahmer was born in Milwalukee on 21 May 1960. He was the oldest of two boys. The family later relocated to Ohio. As a teenager Dahmer became fascinated with how animal bodies work. He began collecting road kills and dissecting them. He also began drinking heavily. Jeffrey Dahmer committed his first murder in June 1978. He picked up an 19 year old hitchhiker named Stephen Hicks. Dahmer invited Hicks to come to his house, which was empty at that time and the two had drinks. But Hicks said he had to go. Dahmer hit Hicks over the head with a dumbbell then strangled him. Dahmer dismembered the victim's body and placed the parts in plastic bags. At first he hid them in the crawl space under the house. Later he removed the flesh from the bones and dissolved it in acid. He pulverized the bones and scattered the remains around his garden. The murder remained undiscovered till Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested in 1991.

Dahmer enrolled at Ohio State University but soon dropped out. He then joined the army. Dahmer trained as a field medic and he was sent to Germany but his heavy drinking meant he discharged in 1981. Jeffrey Dahmer went to Florida, where he worked in a sandwich shop. However he soon returned to live with his parents. After a few months they sent him to live with his grandmother in Milwaukee. Dahmer worked at a blood bank and later in a chocolate factory. Meanwhile Dahmer was gay and he began frequenting bathhouses in the city. But Dahmer wanted the men he met there to be completely submissive and he began giving them drinks laced with sleeping pills. Eventually he was found out and he was told never to return. In 1986 he was convicted of exposing himself to two 12 year old boys. Dahmer was given a years probation.

Jeffrey Dahmer committed his second murder in November 1987. He met a 24 year old called Stephen Tuomi in a gay club. They went to the Ambassador Hotel and Dahmer put some sleeping pills in Tuomi's drink. Dahmer claimed that he did not intend to kill Tuomi but when he woke the next morning Tuomi was dead. His chest was bruised and blood was coming from his mouth. Dahmer's forearms were bruised. Dahmer purchased a large suitcase, put the body in it and took it to his grandmother's house. He dismembered the body in the basement. Dahmer removed the flesh from the bones and put pieces of it in plastic bags. He then pulverized the bones. All the remains were taken by garbage collectors.

Jeffrey Dahmer then embarked on a murder spree. He picked up a 14 year old named James Doxtator. Dahmer offered the boy $50 for sex. He took the boy to his grandmother's house and drugged him. Dahmer strangled the boy. He kept the body in the basement for 1 week before he dismembered it. The next victim was a 23 year old man named Richard Guerrero. Once again Dahmer lured the victim to his home by offering him money. Once again he drugged and strangled the man. Dahmer dismembered the body and placed it in trash bags to be taken by the garbage collectors. However Jeffrey's grandmother had grown tired of him. In 1988 she asked him to move out. Jeffrey Dahmer moved into an apartment.

Dahmer lured a 13 year old boy to his apartment and began fondling him sexually. The terrified boy ran off. Dahmer was arrested and in 1989 he was convicted of second degree sexual assault. Dahmer was released on bail while awaiting sentencing. Meanwhile Dahmer moved back in with his grandmother. Dahmer met a 26 year old named Anthony Sears in a gay club. Dahmer lured him to his grandmother's house, drugged him and murdered him. He disposed of the body by his usual method, except this time he kept the skull as a souvenir. Shortly afterwards Dahmer sentenced to one year on a work release program. He was able to keep his job but was required to spend nights in a house of correction. Afterwards Dahmer moved into an apartment in a low income district. The murders became more frequent. Dahmer murdered a 33 year old man named Raymond Smith by his usual method of drugging the victim then strangling him. Other victims in 1990 were Edward Smith aged 23, Ernest Miller aged 22 and David Thomas aged 22.

In 1991 Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 19 year old Curtis Straughter and 19 year old Errol Lindsey. He also killed 31 year old Tony Hughes. The next victim almost escaped. Dahmer met a 14 year Laotian boy named Konerak Sinthasomphone. Dahmer persuaded the boy to come to his apartment by offering him money to pose for photos. After taking the photos Dahmer drugged the boy then stripped and raped him. However he then went out to buy some beer. While he was gone Sinthasomphone escaped. He was found wandering naked by three women, one of whom phoned the police. While they were waiting for the police to arrive Dahmer came back and saw them. Dahmer attempted to take the boy with him but the women refused to let him. When the police arrived Dahmer told them that the boy was really 19. He claimed Konerak was his boyfriend and they had argued. The police took Konerak back to Dahmer's apartment. Jeffrey showed them photos of Konerak in his underwear (taken the same day). The police believed Dahmer's story and they left. Dahmer then killed Konerak and dismembered him.

Next Dahmer met a 20 year old man named Matt Turner in Chicago. Dahmer lured the man to his flat then drugged him and strangled him. He then dismembered the body. His next victim was a 23 year old man named Jeremiah Weinberger. Then Dahmer killed a 24 year old man named Oliver Lacy. Shortly afterwards Dahmer was fired from his job. His last victim was 25 year old Joseph Bradehoft.

Jeffrey Dahmer was finally caught when he met a man named Tracy Edwards on 22 July 1991. Dahmer managed to attach handcuffs to one of the man's wrists and threatened him with a knife. But Edwards decided to humor him. When Dahmer relaxed his guard Edwards punched him and ran for the door. He flagged down a police car. When they went to Dahmer's apartment the police found bodies in various stages of dismemberment. Dahmer became violent but he was quickly overpowered. The police then found a human head in his fridge. A thorough search revealed a drum containing three torsos dissolving in acid. Dahmer's freezer also contained several body parts. Cooking pots contained human hands and genitals. The police also found three more human heads and seven skulls. Jeffrey Dahmer confessed to the murders of 17 men. He also admitted cannibalism and necrophilia with some victims. Investigators in Ohio found pieces of the bones of Stephen Hicks, Dahmer's first victim.

The Trial of Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer went on trial for the murders of 15 men in Wisconsin. He was not tried for the murder of Stephen Hicks in Ohio. Nor was he tried for the murder of Stephen Tuomi as there was no physical evidence. His trial began in January 1992. Dahmer pleaded guilty but insane. He was obviously abnormal but that did not mean he was legally insane. On 15 February the jury gave its verdict - Jeffrey Dahmer was guilty of 15 murders. He was given 15 life sentences. However Dahmer was bludgeoned to death in prison by another inmate on 28 November 1994.

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