By Tim Lambert

Nannie Doss used arsenic to murder people for money. Doss was nicknamed the Giggling Granny because she laughed during police questioning. She was born Nancy Hazle in Alabama on 4 November 1905. Nannie was one of 5 children. Her father was a severe man and Nannie resented him. However in 1921 she married a man named Charles Braggs. Charles and Nannie had 4 daughters but two of them died in 1927 from suspected food poisoning. However Nannie received their life insurance money. Charles suspected Nannie had poisoned the girls and he, taking one of the surviving daughters with him. The couple divorced in 1928. Shortly afterwards, in 1929 Nannie married a man named Robert Harrelson. The unfortunate man survived for 16 years before he was poisoned in 1945.

In 1947 Nannie married a man named Arlie Lanning. He died in 1952. In 1953 Doss married a man named Richard Morton. He died 4 months later. In June 1954 Nannie married a man named Samuel Doss. He died in October 1954. However this time the doctor ordered an autopsy which found arsenic in his body. Nannie Doss was arrested on 26 November 1954. Eventually Doss confessed to murder and on 18 May 1955 she was sentenced to life imprisonment. Nannie Doss, the giggling granny died of leukemia in prison in 1965.

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