By Tim Lambert

Elizabeth Ann Duncan or Ma Duncan as she is sometimes called murdered her daughter in law out of jealousy. Elizabeth Ann Duncan was married at least 10 times, possibly more. She had a son named Frank and she was very possessive. At one point Duncan attempted suicide by taking an overdose. As she recovered in hospital she was cared for by a nurse named Olga Kupczyk. Frank Duncan met Olga and later married her in secret on 20 June 1958.

But Elizabeth Ann Duncan was very jealous and she harassed the couple. To try and placate his mother Frank moved in with her, even though he was married. But Elizabeth Ann Duncan wanted a permanent solution and she eventually hired two men, Augustine Baldonado and Luis Moya to kill Olga. On 17 November 1958 Olga Duncan was living on her ownin an apartment in Santa Barbara, California. A man knocked on her door and told her that Frank was lying drunk in the back of his car. When she got to the car he and his accomplice kidnapped Olga Duncan. They drove her to a remote spot, beat her with a pistol and strangled her. But the two men forgot to bring a shovel to bury the body and they had to used their hands to bury Olga in a shallow grave. She was probably still alive when they buried her.

One month later Olg'a body was found in Casitas Pass in California. Frank Duncan immediately suspected his mother and he told the police so. Augustine Baldonado and Luis Moya were arrested. Baldonado confessed that he and Moya were hired by Elizabeth Ann Duncan to kill Olga. Duncan was then arrested but she denied her involvement in the crime. Not surprisingly all three were found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. Elizabeth Ann 'Ma' Duncan, Augustine Baldonado and Luis Moya were executed in the gas chamber in San Quentin, California on 8 August 1962, after their appeals had been exhausted.

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