By Tim Lambert

Albert Fish was a notorious cannibal. Fish was born on 19 May 1870 in Washington DC. His father was much older than his mother and he died when Albert was about 5 years old. His mother could not support her family and she sent Albert to an orphanage. Albert Fish said he was often whipped while he was there. (Later he developed into a sado-masochist). However his mother got a job and removed him from the orphanage when he was about 9. Then in 1882 Albert Fish began a relationship with a telegraph boy. Fish began to experiment with drinking urine or eating excrement. About 1890 Fish moved to New York where he worked as a prostitute. He later said that he began sexually assaulting young boys at that time.

However in 1898 Fish married and he eventually had 6 children. He worked as a house painter. However in 1910 Albert Fish began a relationship with a young man named Thomas Kedden. Fish lured him to a barn then tortured him for several days. However Fish eventually let Kedden go. Then in 1917 Fish's wife left him. Fish began self harming including inserting needles into himself. Fish beat himself on the buttocks with a paddle studded with nails. Fish also began eating raw meat.

Then in May 1928 a young man named Edward Budd placed an advert in a newspaper. He said he was seeking a job in the country. Albert Fish answered the advert. He went to the Budd home in Manhattan, New York and introduced himself using a false name. Fish claimed he owned a farm and needed help. Fish promised to hire Edward Budd and his friend. Fish went to the He went to the Budd's home a second time. This time he claimed his niece was having a birthday party and he asked if Edward's 10 year old sister Grace Budd would like to come. Her parents agreed. Grace went with the old man and she vanished. Then in November 1934 Albert Fish sent a letter to the Budd family. In it he told a bizarre story about a man who witnessed a famine in China then developed a taste for human flesh. He then described how he abducted Grace Budd and how he choked her to death. Then how then cut her up, cooked and ate her. The envelope had a company name on it. An employee of the company admitted he took some stationery to his rooming house and left some there when he left. The police described the man who abducted Grace Budd to the landlady. She said that a man named Albert Fish who fitted the description had been staying but he had recently left. Fortunately his son was sending him money and Fish was expecting another check to be sent to the rooming house. He was planning to call to pick it up. When he did police were waiting for him. Fish then confessed to the murder of Grace Budd. He also told police where to find her remains.

Albert Fish went on trial for murder on 11 March 1935. His attorney argued he was insane. But the jury did not agree. They found fish guilty of murder. So Albert Fish was executed in the electric chair on 16 January 1936.

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