By Tim Lambert

Buck Ruxton was a doctor who killed his wife out of jealousy. He also murdered a servant who witnessed the crime. Ruxton was born in Bombay, India on 21 March 1899. He was born Bukhtyar Rustomji Rantanji Hakim. In 1927 he moved to Britain and later he changed his name to Buck Ruxton. In 1929 he had a daughter with a woman named Isabella Van Ess. In 1930 he began to practice in Lancaster, England. He lived in 2 Dalton Square with his girlfriend Isabella. (Although not legally married to the doctor she called herself Mrs Ruxton). The relationship was stormy as Buck Ruxton was a jealous man. However the couple had 2 more children, a daughter and a son. They employed a woman called Mary Rogerson to help look after the children.

Isabella was last seen alive on 14 September 1935 when she went to the seaside resort of Blackpool to see her sister. She returned home that night. However when she returned she had a row with Buck Ruxton and he killed her, possibly by strangling her. He also killed Mary Rogerson as she saw what had happened. Her skull was fractured though that was not the cause of death. Ruxton may have stabbed her after hitting her. Early the next day Ruxton went to his cleaners house and told her husband to tell her not to come to work that day. He claimed that his wife and Mary Rogerson had gone to Edinburgh.

Ruxton attempted to dismember the bodies in the bathroom to prevent them being identified. However he accidentally cut himself. Ruxton told people he had cut himself on a can.

Meanwhile Buck Ruxton disposed of the body parts in Scotland. However on 29 September a parcel containing human remains was found in a stream in southern Scotland. Over the next few weeks other body parts were found. Pathologists were able to say the bodies of two women and were able to estimate their ages.

However Buck Ruxton made a fatal mistake. He wrapped pieces of body in a special issue of a newspaper which was only sold in the Lancaster area. He also used a blouse and a pair of children's rompers.

Mary Rogerson's parents reported her missing on 1 October, shortly after the human remains were found. Her mother identified the blouse that police found. She had recently mended it. Another woman identified the child's rompers as ones she gave to Isabella.

The evidence against Buck Ruxton soon mounted up. Professor John Glaister superimposed a photo of Isabella on one of the skulls showing that she was indeed one of the victims. Finally the police were able to take a fingerprint from one of the bodies. They matched fingerprints left by Mary Rogerson at Dalton Square. On 13 October 1935 Buck Ruxton was charged with the murder of the servant Mary Rogerson. He was charged with the murder of Isabella on 5 November 1935.

Buck Ruxton went on trial in Manchester on 2 March 1936. He was defended by Norman Birkett. The prosecution was led by J C Jackson and Maxwell Fyfe. The trial lasted 11 days. Buck Ruxton was found guilty and sentenced to death on 13 March 1936. Ruxton appealed but to no avail. He was hanged in Strangeways Prison, Manchester on 12 May 1936.

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