By Tim Lambert

A History of Arsenic

Famous arsenic murders in history

The New Orleans Axeman

An unknown serial killer in New Orleans

Marie Becker

A Belgian poisoner

Priscilla Biggadike

She poisoned her husband

Mary Blandy

She poisoned her father

The Bloody Benders

A family of murderers in Kansas

The Boston Strangler

The story of Albert de Salvo

The Brighton Trunk Murders

The stories of bodies found in trunks in Brighton

Charlotte Bryant

She poisoned her husband with weed killer

George Chapman

Antimony poisoner

John Reginald Christie

The serial killer of 10 Rillington Place

The Cleveland Torso Murders

Unsolved murders in the 1930s

Dean Corll

A serial killer in Houston Texas

Dr Crippen

The first murderer caught by radio

The Croydon Murders

Unsolved murders in 1920s London

Sidney Harry Fox

He murdered his mother for her life insurance

John Wayne Gacy

A serial killer in Chicago

Ed Gein

A deranged murderer

Caroline Grills

A thallium poisoner

John George Haigh

The acid bath murderer

Fritz Haarmann

A German serial killer

The Highway of Tears, Canada

The scene of several murders and disappearances

Jack the Ripper

The story of the notorious 19th century serial killer

Peter Manuel

A Scottish serial killer

Earle Nelson

A 1920s serial killer

Famous Poisoners

Some notorious poisoners in history

Buck Ruxton

He killed and dismembered two women

Frederick Seddon

A miser who poisoned his lodger

The Shark Arm Case, Sydney 1935

The story of a shark that regurgitated a human arm

Elizabeth Short 1947

An unsolved murder in Los Angeles

Catherine Wilson

An infamous poisoner

The Zodiac Killer

An unknown serial killer in California

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