By Tim Lambert

Mary Blandy 1752

19th Century Murders

Priscilla Biggadike

The Bloody Benders

Mary Ann Cotton

An infamous poisoner

Thomas Neill Cream

Mary Ann Geering

Jack The Ripper

An infamous but unknown serial killer

William Palmer

Madeleine Smith (?)

Maria Swanenburg

John Tawell

Catherine Wilson

Early 20th Century Murders (1900-1939)

Herbert Rowse Armstrong

The only British solicitor to be hanged for murder

The New Orleans Axeman

An unknown serial killer

Marie Becker

A Belgian poisoner

The Brighton Trunk Murders

Browne and Kennedy

The murder of PC Gutteridge

Charlotte Bryant

She poisoned her husband with weed killer

George Chapman

The Cleveland Torso Murders

Unsolved murders in Cleveland, Ohio

Dr Crippen

The first murderer caught by radio

The Croydon Poisonings

Sidney Harry Fox

Albert Fish

Belle Gunness

Fritz Haarmann

Peter Kurten

Henri Landru

Earle Nelson

The gorilla murderer

Alfred Rouse

The burning car murder

Ethel Major

Buck Ruxton

The jealous doctor

Frederick Seddon

The Shark Arm Case, Sydney

Ruth Snyder and Henry Judd Gray

The granite woman and the putty man

Dorothea Waddingham

The murder of Julia Wallace

An unsolved murder in Liverpool in 1931

Mid 20th Century Murders (1940-1960)

James Camb

The porthole murder

John Reginald Christie

Leonarda Cianciulli

An Italian murderer

Gordon Cummins

The Blackout Ripper

Harry Dobkin

Nannie Doss

Elizabeth Ann Duncan

The jealous mother in law

Ed Gein

Caroline Grills

John George Haigh

The acid bath murderer

Peter Manuel

A Scottish serial killer

Guenther Podola

The last person in Britain hanged for killing a policeman

Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia

An unsolved murder in 1947

Late 20th Century Murders

Velma Barfield

The Boston Strangler

Jerry Brudos

Judy Buenoano

Dean Corll

The Candy Man

Jeffrey Dahmer

John Wayne Gacy

The Hammersmith Nude Murders

The Highway of Tears, Canada

Aileen Wuornos

Graham Young

The Zodiac Killer

The Poisoners

Famous Arsenic Murders

Famous poisoners


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