By Tim Lambert

Dean Corll was a serial killer in Houston, Texas in the early 1970s. Dean Arnold Corll was born on 24 December 1939 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was one of two boys. His father, Arnold Corll was a severe man and his mother, Mary was overprotective. Furthermore his parents marriage was troubled. They divorced in 1946. They remarried in 1950 but divorced again in 1950. Then in 1955 Dean's mother married a man named Jake West. They had a daughter and Dean's mother started a candy business.

When he was 11 Dean Corll was diagnosed with a heart problem. However Corll graduated from High School in 1958. That year his family moved to Houston, Texas. In 1964 Corll was drafted into the army. But Corll only spent 10 months in the army. After leaving in 1965 he helped out with the family candy business. Corll began giving free candy to young boys and he was given the nickname The Candy Man. However the family business closed in 1968 and Dean Corll got a job as an electrician.

Dean Corll was 30 when he killed his first victim. In September 1970 Corll murdered an 18 year olds student named Jeffrey Konen. Corll picked him up when he was hitchhiking. Dean Corll then went on to murder at least 28 boys. Two young men, David Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley helped Corll to lure boys to his home. (Corll met David Brooks in 1967. He met Henley later, in 1971). The victims were given drink or drugs till they passed out. They were then tied to a wooden 'torture board'. The victims were then raped and tortured and finally strangled or shot. Most of the boys murdered by Dean Corll came from a working class area of Houston called The Heights. It was not unusual for boys in the area to run away. When boys disappeared it was sometimes assumed they had runaway.

In December 1970 two boys Danny Yates and James Glass, aged 14 were lured to Corll's home were they both strangled. On 30 January 1971 two brothers were murdered, Donald Waldrop aged 17 and Jerry Waldrop aged 13. Four more boys were murdered by Corll in 1971, Randell Harvey aged 15, David Hilligiest aged 13, Gregory Winkle aged 16 and Ruben Watson Haney aged 17. Dean Corll continued to murder boys in 1972 and 1973. Willard Branch aged 17 was murdered in February 1972. Frank Aguirre aged 18 was killed in March 1972. The next victim was 17 year old Mark Scott in April 1972. Johnny Delome aged 16 and Billy Baulch aged 17 were murdered in May 1972. Steven Sickman was murdered in July. Roy Bunton aged 19 was killed in August. In October Wally Jay Simoneaux aged 14 and Richard Hembree aged 13 were murdered. Richard Kepner aged 19 became a victim in November 1972.

More murders followed in 1973. Joseph Lyles aged 17 was killed in February. William Ray Lawrence aged 15 became a victim in June 1973. Raymond Blackburn aged 20 was also murdered in June 1973. Homer Garcia aged 15 was also killed in July. So were John Sellars aged 17, Michael Baulch aged 15 (brother of a former victim, Billy Baulch), Marty Jones aged 18 and Charles Cobble aged 17. The last victim was a 13 year old boy named James Dreymala. He was murdered by Corll on 3 August 1973.

Dean Corll is killed

However on 8 August 1973 Henley brought a 19 year old boy named Timothy Kerley and a 15 year old girl named Rhonda Williams to Corll's home in Pasadena. Dean Corll was very angry that Henley had brought a girl. Henley, Williams and Kerley passed out from sniffing glue. Corll tied up all three of them. When Henley came round Corll said he was going to kill all three of them. However Henley managed to calm Corll down. He persuaded Dean Corll not to kill him by promising to help rape and kill the others. However Henley grabbed a gun. Dean Corll then taunted him and Henley shot him. He fired 6 bullets into Corll. Dean Arnold Corll was 33 years old at the time of his death.

Wayne Henley then phoned the police. Henley told them about the murders of young boys. At first the police were skeptical but Henley told the names of some of the victims they changed their minds. When they searched Corll's home the police found a plywood torture board to which victims had been tied. They also found handcuffs and a large knife. Henley then showed them were bodies were buried. Henley and David Brooks were tried separately for murder. In July 1974 Elmer Wayne Henley was convicted of 6 murders and he was sentenced to 6 consecutive terms of 99 years. Henley appealed in June 1979 and he was granted a retrial. However he was convicted again. David Brooks was convicted of the murder of William Ray Lawrence in March 1975. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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