By Tim Lambert

The Hammersmith nude murders were a series of unsolved murders in London in 1964-65. He killed at least 6 women. However the body of a woman named Elizabeth Figg was found in 1959 in the same area and her murder may have been one of the series. A woman named Gwynneth Rees was buried in the area in 1963. Again its possible she was murdered by the same man who committed the Thames Nude Murders). The murderer became known as Jack The Stripper because the bodies were found nude or nearly nude. On 2 February 1964 the body of a woman was discovered by Hammersmith Bridge on the River Thames in London. She was nude except for her stockings which were around her ankles. The woman was identified as Hannah Tailford aged 30, a sex worker. She was strangled and underwear was stuffed into her mouth. Then on 8 April the nude body of Irene Lockwood aged 26 was found on the shore of the Thames, not far from where the first body of Hannah Tailford was found. She too had been strangled. Like the first victim Lockwood was also a sex worker. Then on 24 April 1964 the body of Helen Barthelemy aged 22 was found dumped in an alley in Brentford, London. Like the first 2 victims she was a sex worker. She too had been strangled but 3 of her front teeth were missing. Since her body had not been immersed in water the police were able to find tiny specks on her skin. Police were able to determine the paint was used in making cars. They theorized that the body had been kept for a time in the killers workplace.

Then on 14 July 1964 the body of Mary Fleming aged 22 was found in front of a garage in Berrymede Road, Acton, London. She too was nude and she had been strangled. Her front teeth were missing. Her body too had tiny specks of paint on it. On 25 November 1964 the body of Margaret McGowan aka Frances Brown, aged 21 was found in a car park in Hornton Street in Kensington, London. Like the other victims she was a sex worker and she had been strangled. There were also paint specks on her body. The last victim of the Thames Nude Murderer was Bridget O'Hara. She was found on 16 February 1965 in the Heron Industrial Estate in Acton, London. Like the other victims she was a sex worker and there were specks on paint on her body. This time the police found paint on a transformer that matched those on the body of Bridget O'Hara. It was opposite a spray paint workshop on the Heron Industrial Estate. All the men who worked on the estate were questioned. However nobody was ever convicted of the Hammersmith nude murders. The case remains a mystery.

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