By Tim Lambert

Henri Landru was a French murderer sometimes known as Bluebeard after a character in a fairy tale. Henri Landru was born in 1869 in Paris, France. As an adult he spent four years in the army, reaching the rank of sergeant. Afterwards Landru became a fraud but he was not a successful one. He was convicted four times between 1900 and 1908 and served four short prison terms. Henri Landru then turned to murder. He placed adverts in newspapers asking to meet women. When he met them Landru promised to marry them (although in fact he was already married and he had four children). Landru persuaded the unfortunate women to part with their savings or other assets. He then killed them. (It is believed Landru drugged his victims then strangled them. He then cut up the bodies and burned the remains in an oven).

In 1915 Henri Landru met a widow named Mme Cuchet. She had a teenage son. Mother and son soon disappeared. The next victim was another widow. She was named Mme Labord-Line. Landru met her in 1915 and she soon vanished. The same year, 1915 Landru murdered three more widows, named Mme Guillin, Mme Heon and Mme Collomb. During 1916 Landru continued killing women. The first was a young woman named Andrée-Anne Babelay. She was followed by a widow named Mme Buisson. Landru killed another woman in 1917. Mme Jaume disappeared in 1917. In 1918 he killed Mme Pascal. The last victim Of Henri Landru was Mme Marchardier who vanished at the beginning of 1919.

The victim's families were, naturally anxious about their missing relatives. One victim's sister knew where Landru lived and the police were able to arrest him. The police found a list of missing women. Landru was convicted of 11 murders and he was sentenced to death. Henri Landru was guillotined on 25 February 1922.

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